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Photo Booths have become a popular addition to any wedding, providing a fun and interactive way for guests to capture special memories. Photo Booths are closed, private units, usually equipped with a camera, a printer and a selection of props. Guests step inside the booth, choose their props and poses, hit the button and wait as their prints or digital photos are taken, printed and ready to take home as a souvenir.

Why Get a Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

A Photo Booth adds an element of fun and excitement to the traditional wedding reception. Guests will be drawn to the booth and may be less likely to leave early, thus creating a more convivial atmosphere and extending the reception. This can result in ecstatic guests who are more likely to remember your wedding fondly and may inspire them to share their experiences with others.

Different Types of PhotoBooths

Photo Booths come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional closed booths, to large and innovative which can accommodate up to 10 guests. There are also open-air booths which are great for larger settings. When looking for a Photo Booth for your wedding, be sure to consider budget and the size of the reception area so that you can ensure you have a Photo Booth that meets your needs and is within your budget.

Benefits of Using a Photo Booth at Weddings

Wedding Photo Booths offer guests a memorable and unique experience that they will appreciate and it has become a must-have for many wedding receptions. Not only do they provide fun and creative props which can customize the photo shoot, they also provide a way for guests to interact and bond outside of the typical wedding activities.

The prints taken during the PhotoBooth session can also be used as decorations around the reception area, providing an easy way to inject color and flair into the room. Props and prints can also be customized with the couple’s name and wedding date, so they act as a special memento of the big day.


Q. What are some popular PhotoBooth props to get?

A. Popular Photo Booth props range from wigs, masks, tiaras and hats, to inflatable beach balls and mustaches on sticks. If a couple seeks to add a more personal touch, they may also consider custom-made options designed to tie in with their wedding theme.

Q. Who can use the Photo Booth?

A. Generally, any guest at the wedding over the age of 10 can use the Photo Booth. Parents should discuss any restrictions with the Photo Booth operator before booking and
ensure they are comfortable with any age limitations.

Q. Is there a way to customize the prints?

A. Yes, many Photo Booth operators offer an array of customization options. This includes adding custom frames around the printed photos, with the frame typically decorated with the couple’s names, the date of their wedding or a special message.

Q. Where can I find a Photo Booth for my wedding in Mississauga?

A. ThePhotoBooth.ca offers professional wedding PhotoBooth services in Mississauga, featuring a wide selection of Photo Booth props and customization options. They offer a range of packages and will work with couples to ensure their special day is as memorable as possible.

Q. What is the cost of a Photo Booth rental?

A. Pricing will vary depending on the package chosen, the number of hours or days required, and the size of the venue. Budget-friendly packages start at around $500, while more luxurious packages can cost thousands of dollars.


Photo Booths are a great way to enhance the fun and enjoyment at any wedding reception. They provide a unique and interactive way for guests to create special memories and keepsakes that can be cherished for years to come. When looking for a Photo Booth for your wedding, ensure you do your research and understand the different types of units on offer, as well as what customization options are available. For wedding Photo Booth services in Mississauga, couples can look no further than ThePhotoBooth.ca – take a look at their packages and see how they can help make your special day even more memorable.

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Create memories with ThePhotoBooth.ca at your Wedding or Event! Related posts: PhotoBooth Feeling Silly Better props mean better photo booth pictures!

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