Photo Booth Testimonials


It was a great touch to a fun night, great laughs and a wonderful way to remember the night...

Amanda Heath

Super fun! And I love the fact that its not contained to a box!

Kimberly Berry

We absolutely loved the photobooth! Everyone had such a great time! were so kind and loving to all of our guests and I highly recommend them for any event!

Abraham Chowdhury

It was great. The lady who was operating the booth was very kind and welcoming and laughed along as we took silly photos. The photobooth was a grand idea and the props were excellent. This event was definitely something to remember, and the Photobooth made it all better.


it was awesome that was the first time I done anything like that will sure keep this in mind for any functions I will be attending


I am Vanessa's cousin, and I had a great time. I don't know who had more fun, my son or my husband.


I had a lot of fun! i love the professionalism and quality of the pictures. Unfortunately, i couldn't take more than 3 with my family but it was great nonetheless

sharon brunetta

The photo booth was a huge success at our wedding. The guests had fun taking fun pics throughout the night. The pics that our guests shared are so funny and are a great memory of a fabulous night!


The event was amazing. Can you please delete a picture you posted there of me, I did not know the pictures would all be online.

Cheryl Brough

We had a blast!! The photo booth was so much fun...especially later in the evening! I would definitely recommend you!

Dante Ciccone

it is a good idea to have a photo booth at a wedding and other occasions......I had fun doing the pics....thanksDante


This is a great idea. I will definitely keep you in mind for the future


You guys did an amazing job, and I will recommend you in a heart beat. SO MUCH FUN. I loved it!


I love photobooths! The props were hilarious and had so much fun!


This was a new experience for me, and will for sure use this booth for our events in future.

ilda botelho

lots of fun verrry good ideia to have everboby taking funny pictures

simran singh

i had alot of fun with my family taking crazy pictures love your guys booth it was fantastic

Loretto Abbey Secondary, Liberty Grand

I love this photo booth. I've had it twice for both proms I attended this year and the pictures and props were amazing. The guy in charge (don't remember his name) is really nice, funny, and easy to talk to. I've had a blast both proms thank you 🙂


What a great idea especially for our big family. We don't get a chance to get together that often so a group pic was great. And of course non of us is shy. Way to go Dee & Cass

Anna Mauricio

I had so much fun having picture taken at your photo booth:)


I had an amazing time. A moment to remember and part of my history.


Such a good time! Would definitely recommend this service to others


The booth added a light, fun touch to the evening and was a hit with every generation from teens to octagenerians!!

Fil Ferreiar

We had a great time, but then again we used Photo Booth at my daughter's wedding previously.Thank you!


It was awesome... The most fun we had.... Love it...keep up the good work

Anne Marie

We had so much fun and love the keepstake picture. It makes me laugh everytime I see it. Thanks


First time experience with a photo booth at a wedding, what a great idea and so much fun for all ages.


A lot! The photo booth was definitely allowed us tons of freedom to do we wanted with the props and the quality of the photos were amazing.


I loved how the photo booth captured the memories of prom night! Amazing!

Janice Spencer

great fun. Went over relly well. First time for most of our guests and it was a great addition to our Jack and Jill baby shower.


The photo booth was absolutely amazing. I had great photo moments and the quality was great. The staff was absolutely terrific with instructing us throughout the entire time. We were there quite often and his patience never did run out. I absolutely loved it.

Gina Zegas

The woman who was at this event was absolutely frozen (poor lady), however, considering that she was very pleasant and remained very professional.


great idea!! i had lots of fun with the props. great for all ages

Anna Sergeeva

Great experience. We had lots of fun while taking the pictures, and the pics went out great too.


A great addition to the wedding! People really enjoyed it and it definitely provided a fun twist to the reception.


It was a lot of fun. I had such a great time getting these pictures done.

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