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Photobooth rentals in Toronto will never be the same with ThePhotoBooth team on the scene! provides complete coverage for Toronto, Mississauga & GTA photo booth rentals for weddings, parties and any other social event. We generally attend events in the GTA area, but are happy to travel to Hamilton, Vaughan and beyond.

Toronto‘s world-class parties, conferences and weddings are even more fabulous now that photo booths are an essential ingredient to any successful event! We will give your celebration the professional polish our Toronto friends have come to expect while also bringing the fun and keeping the party going all night long!


Photo Booth in Toronto for Wedding and Events

Toronto is indeed an amazing place to host your wedding or event.. And you’ll need our photobooth for an awesome time..

Here are few things about Toronto that you can be proud of:

Did you know.. We were the first event photo booth service  in the GTA..  We started with 3 Photo Booth and have grown to 16 Open Concept Photo Booths..

1. Toronto has a world-class food scene. St. Lawrence Market was even ranked the best food market in the world by National Geographic.

2. Toronto‘s restaurant scene is so great, even Vogue Magazine declared it a must-visit destination for foodies.

3. Toronto embraces its cultural diversity. In fact, BBC Radio named it “the most multicultural city in the world” over London.

4. Toronto‘s neighbourhoods have built a reputation over the years for being some of the trendiest around.

5. Toronto has one of the lowest crime rates in all of North America, and was appropriately ranked among the top safest cities in Canada. I’m thinking we have low crime in the GTA because of our Photo booths… They’re so much fun

6. Toronto has impressed visitors from all over the world. Even Gunnar Garfors, the guy who’s been to every country in the world, claimed it to be the second best city he’s ever been to.

7. Toronto is well-rounded in that it delivers in multiple categories including healthcare and education. Because of this, it was ranked among the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

8. Toronto‘s universities are world-renowned. Some of its universities, such as UofT, McMaster, and Western, are even included in the list of top 200 universities in the world.

9. Toronto is one of the best countries for quality of life, landing within the top 10 in that category.

10. Toronto is known for defying convention and being relatively more progressive than most other nations.

11. Toronto appreciates even the smallest of things. I mean, it even gave a dead raccoon a sidewalk memorial once.

12. Toronto never sleeps. There’s always something new to do in the city and there’s never a dull moment.

Did you know, we’ve hosted 15,000 Photo booth event in The GTA..


Source: NarCity

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The joy they are feeling, and the love in the air, it always makes incredible photo booth pictures!

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