7 Benefits Of An Open-Air Booth At A Burlington Wedding

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7 Benefits Of An Open-Air Booth At A Burlington Wedding

When you are searching for a fun way to capture treasured wedding memories, having an open-air booth at your Burlington wedding is a great choice. With the traditional Photo Booth becoming increasingly popular at weddings and special events, you’re sure to capture priceless moments and will have a blast doing it.

At ThePhotoBooth.ca, we provide open-air Photo Booths for weddings and other special events that are affordable, convenient and backed by quality service. Here are seven benefits of opting for an open-air booth for your Burlington wedding.

1. Large Group of Guests Can Fit Inside the Booth

One of the great advantages of open-air Photo Booths is the fact that a larger group of guests can fit inside one booth at the same time. With traditional Photo Booths, only two or three people can fit inside at a time, whereas open-air booths allow for more than ten people to fit in the frame. This means you can take large group photos or selfies with all of your guests in the same shot!

2. Reduced Noise Disturbance Durning Ceremonies

Open-air booths are also great for weddings because they require no sound from inside the booth itself. This means that there will be no sound or noise coming from the booth while the ceremony is taking place. This ensures that the ceremony remains peaceful and you are able to capture those special moments without interruption.

3. Great Way to Capture Special Moments

Your wedding is one of life’s most precious events and what better way to capture all of those special moments, than in an open-air Photo Booth. There’s no better time to capture some of your best memories, even if you don’t have a photographer at the event, using a Photo Booth is a great solution.

4. Affordable and Easy to Use

Another great advantage of an open-air Photo Booth is that it’s an affordable and easy to use service. You don’t need to purchase or rent expensive equipment to host a booth and it’s easy to operate. All you need is internet access and a place to set up the booth. The booth itself only takes minutes to set up and requires no sound or noise from inside.

5. Quality Assurance & Professional Results

At ThePhotoBooth.ca, we take pride in providing a quality service that is backed by satisfaction. All of our Photo Booths are regularly inspected to ensure they are in great condition and all of the photos taken in the booth are printed on high-quality paper. You’re sure to get professional quality photos and a great experience every time.

6. Fun Props and Backgrounds

For that extra touch of fun, open-air Photo Booths come with a variety of props and backgrounds for you and your guests to choose from. From silly hats and moustaches to silly backdrops, the possibilities are endless and you’ll be sure to get some funny moments captured in the booth!

7. Burst Mode

Finally, one of the best features of an open-air Photo Booth is the burst mode. This allows you to capture up to five images in a single shot and can create hilarious memories that your entire wedding party can laugh at!

In conclusion, there are many great advantages of having an open-air booth at your wedding in Burlington. It’s a convenient and affordable way to take treasured wedding photos and to get all of your guests involved in the fun. The photos taken in the booth will give you lasting memories for years to come and you’ll always remember your special day.


1. What packages do ThePhotoBooth.ca offer?

ThePhotoBooth.ca offer three different packages for Burlington weddings. They offer the “Gold Package” which includes three hours of usage, unlimited prints, delivery and set-up, a custom template, unlimited downloads and a range of props. The “Silver Package” includes two hours of usage, two prints per session and a two custom templates. The “Basic Package” includes two hours of usage and one print per session.

2. What props are included with the Photo Booth?

The props included are various wigs and hats, mustaches, signs and frames, and other fun items.

3. How long does it take to set up the Photo Booth?

The photobooth only takes minutes to set up and requires no sound or noise from inside.

4. How many people can fit inside an open-air booth?

An open-air booth can accommodate up to 10 people at once.

5. What is the burst mode feature?

The burst mode feature allows you to take five photos in one shot, thus creating hilarious memories for you and your wedding party to enjoy.

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