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Congratulations! You’re getting married in Guelph and you’re in the midst of planning for your big day. There are so many decisions to make, such as what menu to choose, what kind of decorations to include, who to invite and of course, picking the right wedding favors. Wedding favors serve as heartfelt tokens of appreciation that your guests can keep to remember your special day. While there are many wedding favor options, you should consider incorporating a Photo Booth to create an interactive, entertaining experience that your guests will enjoy. Here’s all the information you need to know about adding a photobooth to your wedding receptions in Guelph.

What is a Photo Booth?

A Photo Booth is essentially an enclosure with a system of cameras and lighting that allows people to take their own photos. It can capture both still images and videos, and print them out in seconds for your guests to take home as wedding keepsakes.

The Benefits of Wedding Photo Booths

Photo booths can provide a fun and unique way for your guests to mingle and become more interactive with each other. Receptions can become a bit dull at times, and the booths offer a great way to liven up the night! The photos taken also serve as great souvenirs that your guests can take home as memorable reminders of your big day.

What to Look for in a Photo Booth Rental

When you’re looking to rent a booth for your special day, be sure to inquire about the following aspects:


It’s important to get a good idea of the prices for Photo Booth rentals in the Guelph area. Prices may vary based on the service and features provided, such as props, customization, printing and instant digital downloads. Be sure to get a feel for the average prices and look for any special deals or discounts.


Photo booth rentals can range from incredibly basic to incredibly advanced. Be sure to ask about the features that are included in the package. Are guests able to customize their photos with props and backgrounds? Can guests share the photos instantaneously via digital downloads or social media? Will they be able to print out prints? Knowing exactly what you’ll be getting for the price will help you decide what the best option is for your wedding.


Depending on the rental, the booth may require an adequate amount of space and power sockets. Ensure that the booth you choose is suited for your wedding venue and ask whether any extra labor is needed for set-up or if the company supplies it in their package.


Look through reviews or ask to read testimonials from previous clients to get a feel for the customer service experience that the rental service offers. Be sure to get references from recent clients as well.

The Benefits of Photo Booth Rentals from The is a reliable Photo Booth rental service based in Guelph offering an array of packages to suit any kind of wedding. The team has extensive experience setting up Photo Booths for a range of events, and offers a variety of features such as custom photo strips, onsite prints, video gifs, video messages, voice commands, and more. also offers unlimited instant digital downloads of your photos via their “Spirit” app, allowing guests to share the special moments at your wedding with ease. All photos taken can also be uploaded to their cloud, allowing you to access them anytime and anywhere even after your big day.

The team is also dedicated to customer satisfaction, providing the highest quality service with guaranteed results. All packages include setup and breakdown of the booth, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Q: What are the advantages of renting a Photo Booth for a wedding?
A: Renting a Photo Booth for a wedding can provide entertainment and activity for guests, create an interactive environment at the reception, and serve as a great way for guests to remember your special day.

Q: Are props available to use in the Photo Booth?
A: Yes! offers a range of props for you to use in your photos, such as glasses, hats, and masks.

Q: Are Photo Booth prints provided?
A: Yes, packages include a number of prints for you to give away to your guests.

Q: Is there a limit to how many photos guests can take?
A:Not with! All packages offer unlimited photos, allowing guests to take as many pictures as they’d like throughout the night.

Q: Are there different types of packages available?
A: Yes, offers several custom packages to suit the needs of any type of wedding.



Photo booths have become a popular way to add a unique touch to wedding receptions in Guelph. Guests will enjoy the interactive activity and your wedding photos will be one-of-a-kind. With’s top service and quality, you’re sure to get the most out of your Photo Booth rental for your special day.

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