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It’s always a special moment when students at Guelph, Ontario’s schools get the chance to commemorate their time in the classroom with a school picture. For those times that you want to add a bit of pizzazz, props can make the photoshoot unique and fun. has plenty of great ideas when it comes to props for school photos in Guelph, such as custom frames and tableware.

Tacky Touches

Tacky can be fun, and it’s undoubtedly fun for props in photos. With a variety of options for frames, you can create goofy frames out of brightly coloured cardboard, filled with the student’s friends’ logos, corny sayings and school mascots. You can even make Photo Booths with the Photo Booth props. You can create a Photo Booth that students can stand in with their friends with paper signs and props. When choosing props for the day, be sure to pick an array of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Glittering Galas

Add some sparkle and glamour to the photoshoot with glittery props! Passing out fancy accessories like tiaras, top hats, necklaces and other props can distract kids from a boring day of picture taking. For more class, you could provide toy boutonnieres, tuxedos, and other buttons to the students.


Nothing is more fun than getting props custom-made for the big day! Thankfully, offers an array of options for customizing props. The Photo Booth team can custom-print frames, signs, props, and tableware with students’ names or your school mascot and colors. You could even add a saying from the school, an inspirational quote, or a team chant.

Tableware and Awards

Tables and props can be shared among the whole class, or kept for an individual. One fun prop to bring is a personalized plaque for awards. The plaques can be personalized with each person’s name and a personalized message. Awards don’t have to be limited to plaques: you could also give custom medals, tableware, and placemats to dress up a photoshoot.

Classy Costumes

No photoshoot is complete without a fun costume! For group shots, you could organize the class into a theme, like a superhero group or a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ship. There are a variety of dress-up costumes that can provide to fit any theme, ensuring that you get the best props for your special day.

Clowning Around

Clowning around is always fun for a school photoshoot! Have no fear, collection of clown props is here. offers not just clown props for school photos, but also crazy props like fake tattoos, pens, moustaches and glasses. You can even get goofy glasses with clown noses.

Cutesy Accessories

What better way to add to the picture than with accessories? The Photo Booth props provide a range of options when it comes to cutesy accessories. For example, they offer stuffed animals, oversized bowties, and coiled glasses to add to the photoshoot.

Technology Education

For those who want to add a bit of educational fun to the photoshoot, they can include tech-influenced props. High-tech props like boomerangs and remote-controlled toys can add to the spirit of the day.


When it comes to planning Guelph school photo props, has plenty of ideas. You can choose from props like custom frames, tableware, awards, costumes and clowning props, cutesy accessories and technology-focused props and more. With these props, you can make your school photos an event to remember.


1. Where can I get Photo Booth props for a Guelph school? is a great place to get props for a Guelph school photoshoot. The team can custom-print frames, signs, props, and tableware with the student’s name or school mascot and colors.

2. What kinds of props can I use for a school photoshoot?

There are a variety of props that can be used for a school photoshoot. These include custom frames, tableware, awards, costumes, clowning props, cutesy accessories, technology-focused props and more.

3. How much does charge for custom-printed props?

The Photo Booth team offers a variety of packages for custom-printing props. Prices depend on what type of props are requested, so it’s best to contact directly for a quote.

4. What is the turnaround time for custom props?

Turnaround time for custom props depends on the size and complexity of the order. For most orders, the turnaround time is a few weeks, but it is best to contact directly for an accurate estimate.

5. What is the best way to incorporate props into the school photoshoot?

The best way to incorporate props into the photoshoot is to choose an array of colours, shapes, sizes, and styles so that every student can find something that they like. It’s also a great idea to get props custom-made with the student’s name or school mascot so that everyone can have a personalized reminder of their special day.

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