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Corporate Event Photo Booth Etiquette Mississauga

Photo Booths at corporate events are a great way to create an inclusive atmosphere and to ensure everyone has a great time. With the right etiquette and best practices in mind, not only will everyone be guaranteed a fantastic experience, but the Photo Booth will provide a lasting memento of the event. offers a range of quality Photo Booths that come with digital printing, green screens, as well as an array of props and backdrops. We have staff to help with installation, delivery, photo retake and getting through the queue.

Preparing for a Corporate Photo Booth

It pays to plan ahead and make sure procedures are in place to ensure the Photo Booth runs smoothly. Having clear signage and instructions, an organized line and quick shifts helps keep the wait time to a minimum, and everybody gets their turn.


Adding a few props to the event can turn a standard Photo Booth session into a fun and whimsical affair. It’s important to pick props that match the event theme and to make sure they’re safe to use.

Staff Members

It’s good practice to make sure staff are on hand to answer any questions, and they should remain in the vicinity at all times so they’re available to help out. Having staff ready and willing to help is a good way to keep the corporate event running smoothly.

Instructional Signage

Adding instructional signage near the booth will avoid any confusion and will prevent any awkward moments. Clearly state which side is for the props and if there are any restrictions on the type or number of props.


Hiring an experienced photographer to take the photos will ensure that your corporate event photos are of a high quality. He or she should be patient, understanding and have an eye for capturing magnificent shots. Professional photographers usually have their own equipment and packages for corporate events that can cover lighting, retouching and printing.

Queue Management

It’s important to have a polite queue management system in place that is simple and unambiguous. Having a set limit on the number of people that can enter the Photo Booth at a time will definitely help keep the wait time to a minimum.

Print Management

Having too many people in the Photo Booth can lead to overloaded print out requests, which can cause delays and very long queues. Having clear print out policies and procedures will ensure everyone knows what to expect and will also help to manage the flow of people in and out of the booth.

Digital Copies

An exciting way to add to the user experience is to offer people the chance to take home a digital copy of their Photo Booth experience. This is a great way to ensure the corporate event Photo Booth will be remembered for years to come and will also stop any awkward scenarios of people asking for multiple copies of the photo.


Having the right etiquette in place can make or break a corporate event Photo Booth. From having an organized queue to offering digital copies and professional staff, the right planning and preparation can ensure that everyone gets the very best in corporate Photo Booth experiences.


What is a Photo Booth?

A Photo Booth is a fun and exciting way to capture images at any special event or occasion. Photo Booths are great for weddings, corporate events and private parties.

What range of services does Offer? offers a wide range of services to make sure that your Photo Booth experience is one to remember. Our services include installation, delivery, photo retake and helping to keep the queue organized.

What is the best way to handle props in a corporate Photo Booth?

It’s important to pick props that match the event theme and to make sure they’re safe to use. It’s also important to provide clear signage and instructions as to which side is for the props and if there are any restrictions on the type or number of props.

What is the maximum capacity of the corporate Photo Booth?

The maximum capacity that can fit into the Photo Booth at once will depend on the size of the booth. Generally, three to four people will fit comfortably but it’s always better to have a maximum limit in place for safety and operational reasons.

Do have a pricing structure? offers various pricing packages depending on the needs of the customer. Packages include party packages, half day packages, full day packages and wedding packages.

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