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Are you planning a wedding shower near Guelph, ON? If so, you might be wondering how to make the most of your wedding shower photos. After all, these photos will be your first family wedding mementos and will set the stage for the style and feel of the entire wedding day. In this article we’ll offer tips on how to capture the best wedding shower photos in and around Guelph, ON.

The Photo Booth is one of the most popular ways to capture wedding shower photos. These booths are usually equipped with a photobooth backdrop, props and fun accessories, and will usually print photos in a spiral-bound or other album. The photobooth experience is fun for guests of all ages and makes for creative photo shoots. For the best Guelph-area photobooth experience, you’ll want to check out Their photobooths come with laid-back attendants and offer interesting props and backdrops. Plus, they’ll print photos on the spot and put them into an album guests can take home.

Once you’ve decided on a photobooth, you’ll want to think about the location of your wedding shower. Guelph and the surrounding area have a variety of great venues for wedding showers. If you’re looking for a sophisticated venue, consider one of the area’s many wineries. Winery venues let you capture romantic and rustic photos with a backdrop of rolling hills and lush vines. Arthur’s Catering and Bethany Riverview Winery are great options close to Guelph.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back setting, consider hosting your wedding shower at a brewery. Breweries in the Guelph area such as Sleeman Brewery and Block 3 Brewing Co. offer a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Here, you can capture photos of guests hanging out in the brewpub complete with tankards of beer, or in the building itself surrounded by grain silos and huge brewing vessels.

Another option for your wedding shower is the great outdoors. The Guelph area is blessed with plenty of parks and open spaces – after all, it’s located right in the middle of Ontario’s Greenbelt. Consider visiting one of the many lakes, rivers and trails in the area for an outdoor wedding shower. The photos will be taken in the beautiful backdrop of nature – and afterwards you can all enjoy an outdoor picnic with champagne to celebrate. Some great locations nearby include Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Elora Gorge and Conservation Area, and the Grand River.

When planning your wedding shower photos, it’s important to consider the lighting. If you’re taking photos indoors, the best time to shoot is during the morning and early afternoon when the sun is strongest. If you’re taking photos outdoors, you can use natural light (afternoon and late afternoon work best for outdoor photos). If you’re having your wedding shower inside and want to simulate natural light, you can use professional lighting from a lighting store.

Once you’ve selected the venue, it’s time to choose a photographer. Consider the style of photos you want – for instance, arrangements of posed shots or more candid photos for a more natural feel. It’s important to select a photographer who will be comfortable shooting in the location where you are hosting the wedding shower. Also, when you meet with the photographer, discuss your expectations and budget as soon as possible to avoid miscommunication later.

Finally, when your photos are taken, you’ll have to decide what to do with them. Consider displaying the prints in a gallery in the banquet hall. If you’ve printed them in an album, consider a scrapbook so guests can write their memories and messages to the bride and groom. You can even have the photographer make a slideshow or video of your wedding shower photos – this is a great way to create a unique, personal memento of the happy occasion.


Planning an amazing wedding shower in the Guelph, ON area can be overwhelming, and especially if you’re not sure how to get the most out of your wedding shower photos. However, with these tips you can ensure an amazing photoshoot for your special event. Start by booking a great Photo Booth for your happy affair; then pick the perfect location, and finally choose a photographer who will capture the best of your wedding shower memories.


Q. What type of venue should I consider for my wedding shower?
A. When selecting a venue for your wedding shower, consider the type of atmosphere and photos you want. Popular venues in the Guelph area include wineries, breweries, and outdoor parks and rivers.

Q. What should I keep in mind when selecting a photographer for my wedding shower?
A. When choosing a photographer for your wedding shower, be sure to look for one that is comfortable shooting at your chosen location. Also make sure to discuss expectations and budgets before hiring a photographer.

Q. What should I do with my photos after the wedding shower?
A. After the event, you can display the prints in a gallery or scrapbook, or even create a slideshow or video with your wedding shower photos. This will create a unique, personal memento of the happy occasion.

Q. Are there any great photobooths I should consider for my wedding shower?
A. is a great photobooth company serving the Guelph area. They offer a laid-back, fun experience with interesting props and backdrops, and they can print photos on the spot and put them into an album guests can take home.

Q. What time of day is best for indoor photography at a wedding shower?
A. When shooting indoors, the best time of day is during the morning and early afternoon when the sun is strongest. If you’re having your wedding shower inside and want to simulate natural light, you can use professional lighting from a lighting store.

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