Photo booths as Entertainment

The Photo Booth

Photo booths as Entertainment

Everyone’s favorite photo booth! You take your photos and out spits an instant print in seconds. 

When you offer a photo booth for your wedding guests, you are giving them an easy way to make and take their own mementos from the event. Sure, the day should be all about the bride and groom, but the guests are often having fun, making their own memories too

There’s a reason one can find photo booths in venues where a crowd is expected! Taking a photo in a photo booth is a highly social activity that can be augmented with props and silly costumes. They are popular at weddings and parties because they can also be customized in that often the backdrop, props, and even text printed on the photos can be designed to fit the theme of the event, leading to the seamless integration of a photo booth. Friends and family can crowd into a photo booth and take home photo strips documenting their fun experience at an event.

While food and dancing are often key elements of a party, a photo booth provides a unique experience that is not typically present in a daily routine. Photo strips, in a sense, serve as the souvenirs of a party that guests can take home. The presence of photo booths in amusement parks and malls serves a similar function, as a fun diversion from the main activity that offers the added benefit of a physical product to bring home

We provide the photo booth & the props.. You provide the LAUGHTER!.. 

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