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Being able to capture memories and enjoy vibrant wedding photos is a privilege that every couple should have at their wedding celebration. It is becoming common for couples to hire a Photo Booth in Guelph, ON that they can rent out for their special day. Not only do couples get the ability to create personalized memories with a Photo Booth, they also get all the benefits that come along with having quality wedding photos. Renting out a wedding Photo Booth or hiring a professional wedding photographer is a great way to preserve all of your special moments at a wedding. The benefits that come along with having a wedding Photo Booth are endless and will prove to be a great addition to any wedding.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire for Guelph, ON Couples

When it comes to preserving special wedding day memories, Photo Booths are a great way to do so. With a Photo Booth, wedding couples in Guelph, ON can capture all their special moments in a fun and interactive way. It is perfect for any type of wedding because their guests can have unlimited photo taking possibilities that exclusively last only for this special day. Coupling the Photo Booth rental with’s attentive service, couples are guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience that they and their guests will remember forever.

Benefits of Using A Photo Booth For a Wedding

A wedding Photo Booth hire in Guelph, ON offers couples many benefits that help make their wedding day fun and memorable. Some of these benefits include:

Instant Photo Printing

A Photo Booth can provide couples an interactive way to capture all the fun and excitement of their special day. offers wedding couples an instant photo printing service with their Photo Booth. Couples and their guests can enjoy unlimited prints of the photos taken at the wedding day in a matter of seconds.

Unlimited Photo Taking

Another great benefit of a Photo Booth is that couples can have unlimited photo taking options for their special day. Guests can take as many photos as they want, giving them the ability to capture any candid moments that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. A Photo Booth also takes away the stress of having to hire a professional photographer for the day.

Customisable Package

Whether couples are looking to include live streaming or want instant digital sharing, they can choose from a range of customisable wedding Photo Booth packages with With a wide range of services that couples can choose to include, they are guaranteed to have the perfect package tailored to their needs.

Props and Backdrops

What’s a wedding Photo Booth without props? With props and backdrops included in’s packages, couples can create unique wedding photos that are sure to be remembered.


Choosing to hire a wedding Photo Booth in Guelph, ON is an excellent way for couples to capture all their special moments at their wedding. Not only do couples get to create personalized memories with a Photo Booth, they also get all the benefits that come along with having quality wedding photos. With’s comprehensive packages, couples can enjoy the perfect Photo Booth experience and have unlimited options to capture the fun and excitement of their wedding day.


Do I need to hire a professional for my wedding photos?

No, having a wedding Photo Booth is an excellent alternative to professional wedding photography. With’s packages, couples can enjoy an interactive and unique experience that is sure to be remembered.

What kind of props and backdrops do you provide? offers an extensive variety of props and backdrops to fit any occasion or theme. From futuristic backdrops to fun props, couples can create unique wedding photos with

How much does a wedding Photo Booth cost?

The cost of a wedding Photo Booth varies depending on the package and type of service chosen. The types of services offered by include instant photo printing, unlimited photo taking and more.

How long does it take to set up a Photo Booth?

It generally takes up to two hours to set up a wedding Photo Booth, depending on the size and type of setup needed. All the necessary equipment is provided on-site, ensuring a quick and easy setup.

Do I have to print the photos taken in the Photo Booth?

No, couples do not have to print the photos taken in the Photo Booth. offers an instant digital sharing service that allows guests to share their photos via their personal social media accounts.

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