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Hosting a wedding is an enormous undertaking and requires a tremendous amount of planning and preparation. Many couples decide to rent a Toronto wedding Photo Booth to ensure the party is a hit with guests and that they are able to capture the special moments of their big day and provide them with beautiful photographs. From the vast selection of wedding Photo Booth benefits to the cost savings, here are some of the reasons why a wedding Photo Booth rental is an excellent choice for couples wedding in Toronto

Optimize Your Wedding Pictures

Professional photographer can be expensive and may not be able to get around to all of the guests. With a wedding Photo Booth rental, the Photo Booth is always in the center of the action and can capture amazing candid shots of the couple, family, and friends. With the help of a professional attendant, everyone will be able to be in the photos and look great. What’s more, the attendant can help customize the photos with creative props and customized backdrops, allowing couples to get creative and take unique wedding photos.

Ensure Everyone Has Fun

What’s more entertaining than a wedding Photo Booth? With a Toronto wedding booth rental, both the young and old alike can have a blast taking pictures with friends, family, and all the other guests. Whether it’s a daring disguise or an inside joke, wedding Photo Booth rental will keep the party fun and full of laughter as guests wait for their turn in the booth. And, since most wedding Photo Booths come with props, there will be no shortage of laughter in the room.

Instant Prints and Digital Copies

Weddings can be expensive, and the last thing you want to do is pay for a wedding favor that nobody is going to keep. The great thing about wedding Photo Booth rental is that all of the guests receive a copy of their photo that they can take home at the end of the evening as a reminder of all the fun they had. provides all couples with great packages such as customizable backdrops, unlimited prints, 2” X 6” prints, props, and much more.

Save Money

When you rent a wedding Photo Booth, you’re not only ensuring that your guests have fun, but you’re also saving money. Trying to organize an entire wedding and take pictures of each guest can add up fast and can often be more expensive when hiring a professional photographer. With packages, couples can save big by taking care of two of the most important aspects of wedding planning – capturing photos and keeping your guests entertained.

Souvenirs & Gift Ideas

When you rent a wedding Photo Booth you not only receive a unique favor for your guests, but you can also use it as a sign-in keepsake for guests. Couples can also choose to get a scrapbook of the photos taken that day, which can be given to the bride and groom as a wedding gift from all the guests.

Expand Your Choice of Venues

A wedding Photo Booth rental is an excellent choice for couples when planning a wedding. By removing the need for a photographer, couples can choose venues that work for their location and budget without needing to worry about setting up photography-related equipment.

Capture the Special Moments

Most importantly, wedding Photo Booth rental will help capture the special moments of your wedding day. Not only will you get beautiful photographs of the couple and their friends and family, but your guests will also be able to look back at the photos and remember the fun, laughter, and love shared at the wedding.


Q: What are the benefits of a wedding Photo Booth rental?

A: Wedding Photo Booth rentals are an excellent choice for couples who are hosting a wedding. They allow the couple to capture beautiful and candid photos of their big day, provide the guests with a memorable wedding favor, and save money by removing the need for a professional photographer.

Q. What type of props are available with Photo Booth rental?

A: provides couples with a wide selection of props to choose from, including hats, glasses, props, and more. With help from the attendant, couples can customize the photos and make them unique to their wedding day.

Q. Are digital copies available with packages?

A: Yes, all packages include digital copies of the photos taken so the couples can view and share the images online or with friends and family.

Q. Is it required to hire a professional attendant with a Toronto wedding Photo Booth rental?

A: Yes, always provides a professional attendant to set up the booth, customize the photos, and help guide guests throughout the rental period.

Q. Can photos be printed in a variety of sizes?

A: Yes, offers a variety of print sizes so couples can get the best prints for their wedding day. The most popular choices are 2” X 6” prints, which allow guests to take home a copy of their photo.


A wedding Photo Booth rental is an excellent choice for Toronto couples who are hosting a wedding. It offers many benefits, including capturing beautiful candid photos of the couple, their family, and friends, providing a unique and memorable favor for guests, and saving money in comparison to hiring a professional photographer. With a variety of packages available from, couples can customize their photos, get unlimited prints, and enjoy the entire wedding party.

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One of the great reasons to hire a photo booth for your next event, wedding or party is to create lasting memories with friends and family. Not only do our Photo booth services provide you with digital copies of your photos, but we also provide you and your guests with printed copies to collect on the spot! This way, you have immediate access to your great snaps and can share them with your friends and family. Get more info about our services Taking your Next Favorite Picture

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