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Hamilton Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops

The wedding day can be stressful for many couples, and choosing the right backdrop for the photo booth is one of the many decisions that has to be made. From classic white curtains to extravagant themed displays, there are a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the perfect backdrop for your special day. In the Hamilton area, you can find many different styles and designs with the help of ThePhotoBooth.ca.

About ThePhotoBooth.ca

ThePhotoBooth.ca is a Hamilton-based photo booth rental company that provides couples with the perfect backdrop suitable for their style of wedding and individual tastes. The company has a wide range of different background and booth decorations, customized to fit the theme or decor of the wedding.

ThePhotoBooth.ca’s Photo Booth Backdrop Designs

ThePhotoBooth.ca provides a variety of different backdrop styles, colours and designs, to suit any wedding theme. Whether the backdrop needs to match the wedding theme, create an atmosphere of luxury or create a classic look to set the mood of the day, ThePhotoBooth.ca’s designs can help. Popular backdrop designs include:

Plain Curtains

A simple, timeless option for couples who prefer to keep things more traditional for their photo booth backdrop, plain white or coloured curtains are suitable for almost any style of wedding.

Macrame Boho Vibe

For the couple looking to put a boho-chic spin on their photos, macrame backdrops are perfect. Macrame knots and beads bring a bohemian vibe to the wedding, while remaining in keeping with the elegance of the wedding theme.

Fairy Floss Infinity

A whimsical choice for couples seeking a little something ‘extra’ for their backdrop. Fairy Floss Infinity is a unique and visually interesting backdrop, especially suited to wedding themes with an indoor-garden or floral theme.

Ruffle Backdrops

A romantic choice for the aesthetically-minded couple; ruffle backdrops add a touch of sophistication to any wedding. ThePhotoBooth.ca’s ruffle backdrops come in a range of colour options, to suit any style of wedding.

Scattered Flower Template

For a more rustic, outdoor-inspired backdrop, couples can opt for the scattered flower template. Featuring a natural-looking flowery pattern, the scattered flower template backdrop sets the scene for a perfect wedding-day photo.

Hand-Painted Wallpaper

A unique and completely customized backdrop option, hand-painted wallpaper makes an excellent choice for couples looking for something truly special. ThePhotoBooth.ca works with each couples’ specific style and wedding theme to create a bespoke hand-painted wallpaper, making each couples’ photo special and unique.

Personalised Backdrops

The ultimate in customisation, personalised backdrops are perfect for couples looking for something truly special adorned on the background of their memorable photos. From romantic messages to beautiful floral designs, ThePhotoBooth.ca provides a range of personalised backdrops tailored to each couples’ style and budget.

The Perfect Backdrop For Your Special Day

With so many different styles of background and decorations to choose from, couples can be sure they’ll find their perfect backdrop at ThePhotoBooth.ca. ThePhotoBooth.ca’s team of professionals are experts in the art of photography, and can provide couples with a quality backdrop that complements their individual theme.

How Much Does a Photo Booth Backdrop Cost?

ThePhotoBooth.ca offers a variety of packages to suit any budget and wedding size. From a classic gold framed photo booth to an extravagant flower power display, ThePhotoBooth.ca provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. Basic packages start from as little as $250. Couples can also choose from a range of upgrades, from lush velvet curtains to luxury hand-painted wallpaper, giving couples the opportunity to create a backdrop perfectly suited to their style and wedding theme.


ThePhotoBooth.ca provides couples with a wide range of photo booth backdrops for all styles of wedding. With so many options available, couples can be sure to find their perfect backdrop and make their wedding photos truly memorable.


What type of backdrops are available?

ThePhotoBooth.ca offers a variety of backdrop styles, including plain curtains, macrame boho vibes, fairy floss infinity, ruffle backdrops, scattered flower template, hand-painted wallpaper and personalised backdrops.

Can I customize the background?

Yes, you can customize the backdrop design to suit your exact requirements. ThePhotoBooth.ca can create a bespoke backdrop to fit your style and theme.

How much does a photo booth backdrop cost?

ThePhotoBooth.ca offers a range of packages to suit any budget. Basic packages start from as little as $250. Upgrades are available for an additional cost.

How quickly can I get a photo booth backdrop?

ThePhotoBooth.ca provides a fast and reliable service, and can usually have your requested backdrop ready in 7-10 days.

Is it possible to rent a backdrop for more than one day?

Yes, you can rent the backdrop for longer than one day. All the packages have the option to add a multi-day rental.

Are the backdrops only available in the Hamilton area?

No, ThePhotoBooth.ca services the Hamilton area and beyond.

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