Having the photo booth at the event was a great idea, I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures. The camera and flash made me and my friends look great (good quality). Thank you.



It was awesome... The most fun we had.... Love it...keep up the good work

Fil Ferreiar

We had a great time, but then again we used Photo Booth at my daughter's wedding previously.Thank you!

g. Thoms

We all had a great time and the photo booth just added to the fun.

Dante Ciccone

it is a good idea to have a photo booth at a wedding and other occasions......I had fun doing the pics....thanksDante

Kristen Beck

It was amazing. So much fun. Such a great idea for an event. I love that you get 3 photos too!


The wedding was amazing and the photo booth was also fantastic it was such a great way to interact and get to know one another!

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