Polaroid Seating Charts
Wedding Seating Charts

Turn photos of your friends and family members into a wall of Polaroids, with their seat information printed on their picture.

Welcome your guests and help them to find their seats with our beautiful Polaroid Picture Seating charts. Our seating charts are printed on premium heavyweight 1/4″ rigid board.

Unless you have less than 30 or so guests, it is recommended that you assign your guests to a certain table. Otherwise, you may have families who can’t find seats together. There’s one seat open at table 9 and two seats open at table 3, or people start moving chairs around to be with friends and all of a sudden you’ve got one table with 14 squished people and one table with 4 lonely people. Do the table seating! It makes for a much more comfortable environment for both the couple and the guests. After dinner, people can move around and sit with whomever they want. Some people leave relatively early and it opens up the tables anyway. Seat family up front together so they can talk and be near the bride and groom and don’t feel as though you must force the families to get to know each other at your wedding by seating half bride and half groom at each table as old etiquette recommends.